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Fucking awesome

That was fucking slick. I love all this stuff you make, honestly. So funny and so random. Make more, please!

Nice one

Glad to see you submitting spammy flashes and not have to be worried about your batting average any more. This one was quite fun in my opinion.

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New Time Squad?

gh good stuff here!

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this was really good, seriously. i loved the music and how it was epic and stuff. it fit perfectly with the game i suck at the game though i lost everytime maybe make a easier version just for me?
just kidding im better now, please make more like these

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i dont know

this is shit dude, im sorry, it really is, keep trying though

NietzschesErbe responds:

Next time try telling me what you didn't like and how I couls make it better, this kind of reviews don't help me in ANY way! But I respect your oppinion, thanks...


dude seriously your shit is amazing, this song especially kicks alot of ass, i love how it was up beat alot of the time and the riffs were kicking ass, man it all was sweet.
please make more like this, they're great.


GoreBastard responds:

Thanks mate. The original game with this music on is awesome. I still play it to this day. Thanks for the cool review mate, and as always more are on the way!

not too good

i have to be honest with you i thought that i had a period during your song.
One Question.......why this section?
is this heavy metal? or is it techno stuff all done on a computer?
make the right choices next time. if it was in techno....i guesss i would have given a higher score

P.s i am a guy

bbopjones responds:

once again this is not my work some kid asked me to put it on because he did not no how so i said i would im going to have to say that it really needs some work i personally should have told him that he should see if he could make it better our what ever and for some reason he told me to post it as a metal song dont ask me why it just is

Im Teddy, I am the maker of the kick ass movie "Mega Deth" that remained the lowest scoring submission on newgrounds until it continued to be voted up.


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